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Mr. Valentine has studied hundreds upon hundreds of actual pieces of historical armour at many museums, including ones in Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain, England, Scotland, the United States, and Canada. He has also carefully repaired and restored many historical armors for collectors around the world.
"Got the gauntlets. Wonderful!" -David Edge, The Wallace Collection

Valentine's Historically accurate replicas are completely crafted by hand, including the buckles, hooks, and hinges, and have the necessary detailing like roping, piercework, and brass rivets. For standard finishes, all of their armours are carefully wire brushed and rust treated.

Their customers range from the serious collector to home decorators, so all the armor they've made in the past was in both 20 ga. and 18 ga. steel which reflects the extra time as a historically accurate gauge.

Please follow the links in the left margin and browse Valentine Armouries 'historical armour' or 'custom' galleries to see an example of many armour pieces they have made.
To ENQUIRE about custom made armour, and for a price quote, please email Robert at:    vaprivatecollections[at]

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