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Re: (Valindia embossed renaissance suit of armour) The armour arrived safely and has been assembled. It is a wonderful piece of work! I generally have little interest in reproductions, but when it comes to suits of armour, complete sets are virtually unobtainable at any price. The amount of hand work and attention to period detail is exceptional. I couldn't be more satisfied and look forward to future offerings.
Regards, Dr. Rogers.
"Thank you for getting the gorget to me as quickly as you did. It is perfect for what I will be using it for and fits almost perfectly with both my court garb and chainmail coif. I look forward to commissioning more with you in the near future."
~ Captain Richard Grenville, Guilde of St. George, Bristol Renaissance Faire
Dear Rob and company; The last order of armour has arrived for our production of Richard III. The Gothic armour back is utterly beautiful. We are all oohing and ahhing over it. Thank you for your usual prompt and excellent service! And for your excellent attention to our always frantic requests.
- Sincerely, Sharrie Dial, Prop Dept., Stratford Festival, Toronto, Canada.
Dear Mr.Valentine. I received my embossed shield earlier today - well, it's been over 4 hours now and I keep staring at it. Words cannot describe my excitement when I opened the package...The shield came with everything I requested, it is fully functional, has a fine weight and as for the finishing touches...I think it would suffice to say that it surpassed my expectations by 1000%. I love the fact that you are able to do anything, any design one asks for, any specifications, and carry it out so perfectly. A huge thanks to everybody involved with this project and bravo for its quicker than quick shipping. Thanks again. - Best regards, Chris Michas (Spain)
Rob- Thanks to you and your team. This show couldn't be done without you! It's always a pleasure working with you. Again, soon, I hope. - From the props department, MythQuest 2001.
Dear Rob, Got the gauntlets... wonderful! Thank you very very much! And also for the booklet which was both informative and well-produced. Congratulations! Do keep in touch, and let me know if there is anything I can do for you. All the best, and thanks again. - David Edge, head curator, The Wallace Collection, England.
Thanks for all the weapons! Jackie (Chan) really liked them. Man, I wish I knew about you when we were filming Tibet. -Jimmy Chow, props, Shanghai Noon.
We would like to thank the people who helped make the show a success. The excellent service you povided helped make our jobs a lot easier. We look forward to doing business with you this coming season. - The Props department of 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, the TV Show'.
Thank you for all your help! We all look forward to working with you on future projects. -The 13th Warrior, Brent.
Dear Rob, RE: jousting helm I LOVE this helm - it is so cool ! Plus it fits just right. The other one is good but this is the one that will get the use. Thanks for the explanation. RT
Take a look at page 84 of the new Renaissance Magazine. You will see some of your great work. Thanks for all of your talent. -Pete
Hi, Rob. Just wanted to let you know that I recieved my order today. It's absolutely fantastic and well worth the wait. Everything looks and fits perfectly! I appreciate the hard work you and your crew must have put into this order. I will definitely be ordering from Valentine's more in the future. Thanks again, Derek
Greetings. Personally I would like to say you do a pretty fine job and it's just marvelous. I'm happy to know that I could count from now on an armoury to do some pieces for my armour or my horse. I just can`t wait to see Jimmy wearing that chanfron! My thanks and perhaps eventually I'll go for the crinnet if things go well. May God bless your enterprises! Marie.
Dear Rob, Very many thanks... you are too good to us. All the very best, David Edge, head curator, The Wallace Collection
Dear Rob: On behalf of Designer Showcase and Kids Help Phone, I want to thank you for all that you did to help make our Gala event so very special. The decor this was absolutely the best of all the years that I have been the chairperson of this event. Everyone wanted to know where to purchase your wonderful suits of armour. Sincerely, Sandy.
Hello, I received my helm today. It is absolutely fantastic!!!! I love it!!! It has been a great experience doing business with you. I have heard many of the horror stories of other armouries ..... it is nice to see a good honest business. The helm is great and fits well. And was early. The video was also great. I now have an even greater respect for what you do, it's not as easy as it may seem. Thanks again for a great job. Randy
Dear Sir, I promised that I would contact you to reassure you that I got my helmet. I can say that it was worth the wait. I am very pleased with the job that you have done. I can say that I can not think of any other helmet that I would want to wear besides this one. It is so good, that my partner in collecting medieval items said and I quote, " I want." I think that here in the future he will be buying many products from your armoury. thank you.
Hi Rob. I got the Cuirass and it is outstanding. I could not be more pleased. Thank you for taking the time to do it right!! I am continuing my efforts to raise a troop of the 3rd Cuirassiers in USA and will use you for our source. Once I have my entire uniform together, I will send you a photo of it in action. Best Regards. Your professionalism and service is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much !! Paul.
I just received my order today and I am extremely pleased with the product. My fiancee is also really surprised as to how much better it looks in person than as to the picture on the web page. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who has interest into the products you make. Thank you sincerely. Ruben
Robert: Received helmet today. Looks cool. Thanks a lot and I will try to send you a picture with all the other garb I wear. Thanks again. D
Hi Robert. I received the sandals they fit very well. I like them. Thanks a lot. Stephan
The sugarloaf helm I ordered arrived today, and I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for your attention to detail, and your quick delivery! The work is beautiful...I can't wait to save enough money to order another piece. Till then...Don
I bought your video and thought it was excellent. It has helped me greatly in starting to work with plate armour. Regards, Zach.
A beautiful suit, I have no complaints. Its a bit noisy of course, but I play Bagpipes so I'm used to it. I will not hesitate to recommend your work to anyone that asks me where I got it. Thanks again and I'll make sure to get some good pictures.
Got the shield yesterday. Looks great, although hanging it was a bit of a project. thanks, Joe.
Hi Rob and Michelle: I wanted to let you know that we received the knights today (Friday) and they are beautiful and perfect for our event. thank you so very much for your pleasant and efficient service. We hope to do more business with you in the future. thanks again, Lynn.
Thanks for all of the help this year. -Ken Wills, propmaster, Lonesome Dove.

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